All the songs we’ve done so far

So I just started doing the blog over here as opposed to just on MySpace because I’m trying to gradually move this band out of Murdochland, and I’m also aware that people who aren’t teenagers aren’t that into MySpace. Thus, I’m putting all of our songs here as well. This player has all the songs that were from before this week. This band was born 20 weeks ago and we’ve made a song a week since then (one of them is just a Youtube song response to the State of the Union – the rest are all full band.)

We’ve tried to capture something that was happening that week or at least around that time in each song – for all the lyrics and explanations behind each song click here for the big PDF.

Here are the songs (for “The Flute of False Choices”, see the blog below.) All new songs will have their own posts. There are 17 songs in this player, if you put the mouse over it others magically appear.

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