Download and Donate

Download and Donate:

Brand new! Get the Marginography! All 20 songs and lyric sheet pdf in one big zip file. Suggested donation of $10 but if you want to just take it, then take it. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD “MARGINOGRAPHY”.

All the songs are available individually for download! I am offering these for quasi-sale on The Honor System. Here’s how it works (my thanks to Juliana Hatfield, NOT Radiohead, for this idea):

You can download, share, whatever you like. I have a little paypal donate button and ask that if you can, please contribute so I can keep doing these songs – I don’t have a studio setup so I spend $200/week at an inexpensive studio to do these so every little bit helps! If you can’t afford to pay anything, don’t worry about it – I just want people to be able to have the songs. If you have more cash than you know what to do with and have gotten a lot out of these songs then please help out. iTunes charges 99 cents a song, I think that 50 cents a download is a good and fair suggestion.


1. Standing In The Driveway Holding Cardboard In The Rain

2. Even When It Ends It Won’t Be Over

3. No Kisses, No Cameras

4. Dana, Dana

5. The Experts

6. Weeknights At Six

7. Banner Year

8. When The Markets Do Their Thing

9. The Only Way Out Is The Exit

10. Lectures For The Dying

11. When The Dog Who Keeps On Eating Things Throws Up

12. How the CIA Stole Xmas

13. The Business of Disregard

14. I Like You More The Day Before

15. Black and White and Red All Over

16. Here Come The Incidents

17. The Lucky Ones

18. The Flute of False Choices

19. Museum of Mistakes

20. Two Peninsulas

In many browsers, just clicking the links will open the files in a media player. To download, right-click or control-click the links and select “save link as” or “save target as”. Thanks so much! Please donate if you can.


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