Another nice clip from Buelahman, this one for "Now That We Know…"

Thanks, Buelahman!

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  1. He Max,

    Just want to let you know I’ve got this up at my blog.


  2. So Hill won by 10 points. Big fucking deal. Funny thing is she only gained 10 delegates. So Obama’s lead dwindles from 167 to 157. What exactly does that mean? It means that HRC is free to kill whatever chance the Democratic Party has. It means she can make a few more appearances on late night television (maybe another 109 million in book sales). It means that she has three more weeks until either she quits or her husband convinces the black guy to bow out. It means alot of things, but in the end it only means 10 delegates. It means another week of faux news, another week of killing the eventual nominee; it means alot of things that will keep things the way they are, and the way some of us want them to be.

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