Consider the Source (A Song and Cartoon for John McCain’s Credibility)

It was laughable to watch John McCain, who has proven to either have a bad memory, a problem telling the truth, or both, to ask that we “consider the source” in response to Arianna Huffington’s claim that he told her he didn’t vote for Bush in 2000. Then again, he doesn’t remember who he was back then, so why should he remember what he said either?

This is a man who flouts campaign finance laws by flying around from speech to speech on the Sugar Momma Express, telling people between landings that their economic hardships are largely psychological. He makes repeated misstatements about Iran training Al Qaeda. Loudly denies and later admits quietly to getting into a physical fight with a member of congress. Anytime John McCain opens his mouth, it’s worth considering the source.

Enjoy this week’s song and cartoon.

(h/t Emptywheel, Paul Waldman)

Consider the Source
As my television box would tell it
You’re a trailblazing renegade of sorts
With convictions of steel, a dead even keel
A chara-character tour de force
Denying that you spoke against the king when he ascended
Now that you’ve followed him along with no remorse
So the next time you call someone a liar, consider the source

I’ve heard you give a lecture on morals
On integrity, fidelity and more
They fail to mention your carousing with the heiress
Whoever knows how long before your first divorce
You said you never would accept her contributions
As the Sugar Momma Express rides on course
So the next time you call someone a liar, consider the source

7 or 8 years ago I might have less to say
I don’t care who you were back then, but who you are today
I don’t expect no talking heads to say what you’re about
So I’ll keep singing all these songs until the truth comes out

They said nothing on the message multipliers
So I won’t put a lot of stock in their reports
And indeed there’s not a word they’ve said about you
That’s been true since O.J. had his day in court
They’ll say nothing of Cindy’s missing taxes
Or the pastor you chased down to endorse
So the next time they wax about your honor, consider the source


3 Responses

  1. Great Video.

    Take care.

  2. Excellent song. Killer lyrics, guys. John McCain is a study in madness at this point, I think. His integrity has been blown apart. He’s contributed to his own undoing, but Bush and Rove set it up in 2000.
    My site traffic for McCain and McCain black baby have been off the charts. Now he snuggled into bed with Bush and Rove, the two responsible for the rumors and smears: since, he’s pro-torture ala CIA and lying like it ain’t no thing.

    And as convoluted and textbook mental McCain is, I mean, we can document the increasing whacko factor, the whole back story is irrelevant when it comes to Americans voting for a president, “I don’t care who you were back then, but who you are today.”

    Thanks bunches. Melissa

  3. Dudes, changed the Lyrics to NEXT divorce. Cindy McCain is not his first wife!!!

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