I try to stay neutral but then I laugh…

Terry McAuliffe on Morning Joe wearing a Hawaiian shirt and waving around a bottle of rum is funny, and I admire his glee and non-stuffiness. But how, oh how, can you say this with a straight face?

We’re ahead in the popular vote. We added 142,000 last night. What’s important last night is this was 100% Hispanic primary, and once again, Hillary won by more than two to one. A key, core constituency for the fall election.

This is after the Puerto Rico primary. A primary of people who can’t vote in the fall election. Yes they’re Hispanic, we know, but people who don’t live in the United States are not a key, core constituency for the fall election last I checked.

I feel guilty ’cause I like to stay out of this fight because I will support either nominee with everything I’ve got, but this was too funny.