And what a fight…

Just want to say that if Al Gore had put up the kind of fight against Bush in 2000 that Hillary has put up against Obama, we’d have been in the White House the past 8 years. I’m sure some of my fellow Obama supporters who have called for her to leave the race called for Gore not to bow out in 2000 if they were old enough to.

I hope to see them both on the ticket, not just because I think it affords the best chance of winning, but because when you get just shy of half the votes (not counting the ones for other candidates), you deserve to be on the ticket if you want it.

And oh, folks on Daily Kos who keep saying “well just put some other woman who isn’t mean like Kathleen Sebelius or Clare McCaskill on the ticket to get the same constituency”: you are the most sexist of the lot. Can your monkey intellect can’t wrap your head around the fact that some women might have the same ideas of meritocracy that the rest of us have and won’t be satisfied by just having another pair of X chromosomes on the ticket than the one who fought tooth and nail for it? I hate to be using the very popular rhetorical device of the sex-race switch but imagine if she won and people said “just give it to Harold Ford, that’ll shut ’em up and they’ll come along and vote?”