Yes to ’88 style hardcore, no to John McCain

It’s another Thursday so that means another song! This week is on McCain being worse than Bush on the war and other military/vet issues, as they have identical policies but McCain’s gravitas and carte-blanche-for-endless-war POW status make it that much easier for him to jam this war down our throats for another four years.

We wanted to pay homage to Gorilla Biscuits and the other greats of 1988 style New York Hardcore, albeit with our sonic stamp. I wanted it to sound like GB wrote a song about McCain and then The Jam got back together and covered it. Enjoy!

(put the mouse over the title, a player will magically appear)
Worse Where It Counts

I know what they’re thinking
That nothing could ever be worse than it’s been
But men of great import
Can usher the same cruelty out and cart it right in
No honor or wisdom
Can offer a dropstitch of difference between
That same type of action
‘Cause the blood is still red and the money’s still green

When will we figure this out?
When will we see it’s worse where it counts?

Though the dullard is leaving
There might not be bloopers and slip-ups in each string of breath
It’s not that relieving
‘Cause killing by heroes or half-wits will still end in death
I don’t care where you came from
It ain’t nowhere near where you’re coming from now
It’s clear as the daylight
The assets that built your cachet have all been disavowed

When will we figure this out?
When will we see it’s worse where it counts?

They’ll call you what they want, no matter how untrue
I’ll judge you not on what you are but what you swear you’ll do
So put eloquence aside, and leave the history out
Measure side by side, see it’s worse where it counts


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  1. […] a much better explanation of why a McCain presidency wouldn’t be Bush’s third term than we did a few weeks ago. Enjoy […]

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