PLEDGE DRIVE! Help us buy some gas, or a van that doesn’t use any.

Hello friends of the Marginalized:

Life is a telethon. Well, no it’s not at all a telethon, but some things in life do require one.

We are going on tour next month. When The Actual, my old band, first went on tour in the fall of 2001, gas prices were at an average of $1.25/gallon. We made about $50 a night on that tour and lost some money.

We are about to go on a tour making about the same amount per night, most likely. However, gas is now at an average of $4.02/gallon. That’s basically all we spend money on, so this tour will cost us over 3x as much. Thus, telethon.

We need to raise some money to pay for gas, or if we make enough ($9000) to buy a van that runs on waste vegetable oil, thus reducing our carbon footprint and our contribution to oil companies. It sounds like a lot of money, but really if 300 people went to our songs page, downloaded 37 songs and donated 30 bucks, we’d be able to do it. It’s not that impossible when you look at it that way.

So, if you can help, please download and donate. Thanks!