Owning a piece of the campaign

Now that Obama is the nominee, there’s a hot debate going on among his supporters about whether we should stop doing all we can to help him win or not, now that he’s made as all gag with the following panders to the center:

-Saying the Supreme Court was wrong to stop Louisiana from executing child rapists
-Caving on FISA, thus saying that the fourth amendment is just a suggestion
-Disowning Gen. Wesley Clark’s completely accurate statement about McCain’s military service having nothing to do with his ability to lead.

Plenty of Obama’s supporters aren’t going along with this, and are rightfully upset about it. If we wn a piece of this campaign, we have a right to question the Chairman’s judgement when he betrays the ideals that caused us to choose him in the first place.


2 Responses

  1. First off, he did say that Wesley Clark is not a “swift boater” and that his patriotism speech was written two months ago. Besides all that, it is not his fight…He can’t be held responsible for what pundits say on a show especially one that put him down several times in support of Hillary Clinton. Finally, have u read his books? In his book “Letters To My Father,” he had agree that certain child rapists should be executed.

  2. The comment above by Angela begins to answer the question that has been plaging me — is what we are now seeing from Obama the REAL Obama or just what he thinks the undecided in the middle want to hear.
    I’m not sure what concerns me more, to have a candidate who actually believes things that I don’t support (i.e., executing child rapists — when I don’t think anyone should be executed for any reason); or someone who is willing to go against principles just to get a vote.

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