“Mixing pop and politics, they ask me what the use is”

“I offer my embarrassment and my usual excuses.”

Billy Bragg does it best. Performance of “Waiting For The Great Leap Forward”, 1991.

SteveAudio accidentally explains the point of blogs.

Blogger/acoustician SteveAudio didn’t mean to do it, but his new post just explained the whole point of citizen journalism. From his new post:

Some interesting stuff in the news about McStraightTalkExpress and the Saddleback Church love fest. But that’s not important right now.

Why was a mega-church, that has its own street and practically its own ZIP code, charging people to attend the Obama-McCain event? It wasn’t a fund raiser, and it was a chance to watch historical Democracy in action, yet this rich church charged people.

The Glibertarian OC Register had this to say:

“Church officials said they decided to charge admission for people who wanted a chance to see the Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls because of the expenses to stage the event and provide television feeds to a host of networks.”

This is utter crap. I have done audio tech work at Saddleback Church as I mention a few posts ago, and I’ve seen their operation.

They have audio & video facilities that would embarrass the L.A. NBC, CNN & CBS affiliates, including high-tech and expensive fiber audio & video links between various parts of the campus, ProTools rigs for recording every utterance that comes out of Warren’s mouth, state-of-the-art wireless microphones, a recording studio, complete audio & video post-production, all with the finest equipment available.

So Rick Warren’s megachurch makes a statement that gets past 1000 journos, but not a sound technician, who fortunately for everyone involved has the means to blow the lid off this lie, because he’s a blogger too.