SteveAudio accidentally explains the point of blogs.

Blogger/acoustician SteveAudio didn’t mean to do it, but his new post just explained the whole point of citizen journalism. From his new post:

Some interesting stuff in the news about McStraightTalkExpress and the Saddleback Church love fest. But that’s not important right now.

Why was a mega-church, that has its own street and practically its own ZIP code, charging people to attend the Obama-McCain event? It wasn’t a fund raiser, and it was a chance to watch historical Democracy in action, yet this rich church charged people.

The Glibertarian OC Register had this to say:

“Church officials said they decided to charge admission for people who wanted a chance to see the Republican and Democratic presidential hopefuls because of the expenses to stage the event and provide television feeds to a host of networks.”

This is utter crap. I have done audio tech work at Saddleback Church as I mention a few posts ago, and I’ve seen their operation.

They have audio & video facilities that would embarrass the L.A. NBC, CNN & CBS affiliates, including high-tech and expensive fiber audio & video links between various parts of the campus, ProTools rigs for recording every utterance that comes out of Warren’s mouth, state-of-the-art wireless microphones, a recording studio, complete audio & video post-production, all with the finest equipment available.

So Rick Warren’s megachurch makes a statement that gets past 1000 journos, but not a sound technician, who fortunately for everyone involved has the means to blow the lid off this lie, because he’s a blogger too.



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  1. Thanks for the pick up, Max.

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