Convention Blogging Installment 1

And what a crazy day and a half it’s been.

First off, my friend Andrea was already my hero but her giving me her convention pass so I could see Michelle Obama’s speech in person = best favor ever, even though Andrea goes above and beyond the call of duty for me and/or my band repeatedly and deserves to be called out for it. So Andrea, you’re too nice to have a Google Alert for your own name, but if you weren’t, you’d see this.

I have been camped out at the Starz Green Room where there are lots of great panels, films and such put on by the Seachange Ideas Forum. If you’re here at the DNC you should all come check it out, especially a panel on Social Networks that’s happening on Wednesday that features Will.I.Am and someone with many more less successful political songs than “Yes We Can” (me)!

We are playing the Drinking Liberally party at the Skylark Lounge on Wednesday night which will rule. Come to that.

I am working for lots of people here (I work in this field too, not just sing about it) and it’s 1:10 am and I’m taking this little break from work to say hi from the convention. As usual, fuck proofreading.

Update I: Drew Westen gave a presentation at Starz and convinced me, depressingly, that there’s no fucking way the Dems are building a strong enough narrative to beat Walnuts McGrandpa. Oh well.


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