Playing Catch Up

What a crazy couple weeks it’s been. I’m a week behind on songs and will be catching up in the next couple weeks. I was in Denver all last week. We played at the Drinking Liberally party at the DNC — big thanks to John from DL Denver/Squarestate for having us.

The big, crappy news is that Max Waker, who has produced and engineered everything we’ve done moved to Portland this week and I am in the process of finding a new studio/engineer to record at/with. Thus, for the first time in 48 weeks, we are a week behind. I assure you we will catch up and hit our 52 songs in one year mark, but it’s gonna take a week or two to figure out where we’re recording.

I hope to have a little ditty up soon about one of the eight million bombshells that’s gone off in the past week, most likely something having to do with champions of abstinence-only sex-education programs reaping the rewards of their policies by becoming 44 year old grandmothers. We shall see.