The Watershed We’ve Been Waiting For?

First up, Cenk atThe Young Turks has a great what-if about how different Bristol Palin’s story would be covered were she of a browner hue.

I say this as someone who believes in using whatever means possible to keep the GOP out of Washington this November: this should be off the table. Obama’s response, that this is a private matter, is the right one. If the GOPers who are on MSNBC right now talking about how this is between Bristol Palin and her family would continue to treat all teen pregnancies as though they happened to their Vice Presidential candidate we’d live in a far better world. Here’s hopin’.


Playing Catch Up

What a crazy couple weeks it’s been. I’m a week behind on songs and will be catching up in the next couple weeks. I was in Denver all last week. We played at the Drinking Liberally party at the DNC — big thanks to John from DL Denver/Squarestate for having us.

The big, crappy news is that Max Waker, who has produced and engineered everything we’ve done moved to Portland this week and I am in the process of finding a new studio/engineer to record at/with. Thus, for the first time in 48 weeks, we are a week behind. I assure you we will catch up and hit our 52 songs in one year mark, but it’s gonna take a week or two to figure out where we’re recording.

I hope to have a little ditty up soon about one of the eight million bombshells that’s gone off in the past week, most likely something having to do with champions of abstinence-only sex-education programs reaping the rewards of their policies by becoming 44 year old grandmothers. We shall see.