Recording update

So, we’re making a full-length album. We’re keeping a few of the earlier recordings but mostly rerecording songs. We didn’t really know going in which ones we were going to do but we had to start somewhere:

I have to say, it was a big feeling of accomplishment to see how many damn songs we’ve done and to realize that I don’t hate any of them.

Anyways, we did whittle it down, and we will soon reveal which songs made the cut.

Here’s Chris Rakestraw, who’s producing and engineering this thing, with Jon, who’s listening back to his drum trucks with a much more serene look than Chris:

Jon recording:

I don’t have any pics of me or Dave yet, but Dave will be back to sing background this weekend so more photos, to come. I’m off to go sing and play guitar some more now. We’ll keep you posted.