No Kisses, No Cameras — corrected.

The first Max and the Marginalized song was “No Kisses, No Cameras”, about the ban on photographs at Dover Air Force Base when flag draped coffins were returning from the combat zone. The official line was that it was out of respect for the fallen, but anyone with a hint of a brain knew it was to hide the cost of the war from the public.

It’s heartening to see the insulting and disastrous policies of the Bush administration get rolled back as we enter the age of Obama. Today the Pentagon lifted this ridiculous ban. We rerecorded “No Kisses” last week – enjoy the rough mix.


One Response

  1. At least be honest in your criticism. The ban was put in place in 1991, supported by the Clinton Admin., and was done out of respect for the families of the dead.

    How does not showing pics of coffins hide the cost of war when the Dept. of Defense lists all US casualties?

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