We now have a new download site to get all the songs. It’s here. It only costs 5 dollars to get 61 songs, including brand new versions of 15 of the old ones.

62. What Is It We’re Doing There Again?

61. My Heart Belongs to Cleveland

60. Date With Dynasty

59. Temecula Girl

58. Talk to the Invisible Hand

57. American Cars

56. The Cavalry in Cuffs

55. Proposition Hate

54. Appendix Heart

53. Hounds

52. To Your Health

51. Your Money or Your Life

50. The Price of Vindication

49. A Stranger Rolls in on a Truck

48. They’ll Make An Example Out Of You

47. Rope

46. Vultures and Hawks

45. Antiseptic

44. One of the Regulars

43. Against It All

42. Someday I’ll Exact Revenge

41. It’s Awkward When Bad People Die

40. It Isn’t The Thing That I Bought

39. Waiting for the Blackout to End

38. McCarthy’s Medicine

37. Worse Where It Counts

36. Coalition of Turncoats

35. Nowhere To Go But Back

34. When Dakota Goes South

33. The Second Time Around

32. Consider the Source

31. If That Don’t Make You Madder

30. Whose Face Can You Save?

29. Now That We Know That They Knew

28. Teflon John

27. Q + A

26. Free Evenings and Weekends

25. Vicki Where are You?

24. Kiss the Ring

23. Mathematics of the Dead

22. The Good Fight Goes Bad

21. Two Peninsulas

20. Museum of Mistakes

19. The Flute of False Choices

18. The Lucky Ones

17. A Charge You Can Keep (Response to the 2008 SOTU)

16. Here Come The Incidents

15. Black and White and Red All Over

14. I Like You More The Day Before

13. The Business of Disregard

12. How the CIA Stole Xmas

11. When The Dog Who Keeps On Eating Things Throws Up

10. Lectures For The Dying

9. The Only Way Out Is The Exit

8. When The Markets Do Their Thing

7. Banner Year

6. Weeknights At Six

5. The Experts

4. Dana, Dana

3. No Kisses, No Cameras

2. Even When It Ends It Won’t Be Over

1. Standing In The Driveway Holding Cardboard In The Rain


10 Responses

  1. I’d like to contribute, but don’t like to use paypal (based on a previous unresolved experience) — would you post a snail mail address or other alternative?


  2. Thanks!
    Max Bernstein
    3925 N. Figueroa St.
    Los Angeles, CA 90065
    checks made out to Max Bernstein

  3. […] are a band and a blog. Mastermind Max Bernstein writes and records a new song every week (available to download), punk political broadsides aimed at anything and everything wrong with the world today. posted by […]

  4. […] rom-com screenwriter Nora Ephron. You can catch up on Max and the Marginalized songs to date by downloading their songs on a pay-what-you-will basis from their […]

  5. Been a fan of you guys since tracks in the 20’s. I’m working on getting my album together and getting shows under my belt, so as soon as I start bringing in some green I promise it’ll go right out to you guys! Totally a supporter of the cause. Keep it up, Max & Co.!

  6. what you guys do is simply amazing. i saw the banner on the login page and had to take a listen, there are so many punk bands out there like us, but so many of them do their share of promotion for their music. its sad to think so many people want change and all this other stuff, but dont promote them selves to really get their voice heard in their local communities. keep up the good work and be shure to check out our stuff, leave a comment with whatcha think!

    peace and respect,
    Matt #2 Bass
    Case Scenario from New Hampshire

  7. Hey… Is that McCarthy song about that senator from the valley?

  8. […] Max and the Marginalized sang about the urgency of accountability months ago.  You can reward their courage and talent here. […]

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