Weeknights At Six
Our song and video about Lou Dobbs. It is this band’s opinion that Lou Dobbs single-handedly makes a certain kind of anti-immigrant hate-speech palatable in this country, and it’s time CNN stop endorsing that rhetoric. They’re a better network than that – we’re in the middle of a war and an election and they feel it necessary to have an hour of anti-immigrant ranting every weeknight?

Consider The Source
John McCain’s credibility is very questionable, but you wouldn’t know it from a news media with even less credibility when it comes to their analysis of John McCain. Whether it’s denying that he had a fistfight with Rep. Rick Renzi and then issuing a non-admission admission, or saying he disagrees with the president on a number of things when he’s on the record saying he agrees with him on all the issues that count, he has no license to attack Arianna Huffington’s credibility. When Arianna said that McCain confided to her in 2000 that he didn’t vote for Bush, McCain said “Consider the source.” People should take his own advice whenever he opens his mouth.

Teflon John
This song is about the MSM ignoring every red flag about John McCain and continuing to perpetuate the myth of his unflappable maverick-ness.

Lectures for the Dying
Our very first video, and one that I’m extremely proud of. This song about the failure and wrongheadedness of abstinence-only education programs in Africa (and to a lesser extent, here as well) was inspired by the short documentary Abstaining From Reality made by Population Action International. I made this without their permission from a YouTube rip, and a few days later had a letter from them in my inbox. I was expecting a “stop using our copyrighted works” email and instead there was one thanking us and asking if it was okay to show our video to students. We are scoring their next documentary too!

Whose Face Can You Save

Video by our good pal Buelahman. This song is about the retired-generals-shilling-for-the-Pentagon-on-cable-news scandal, which still disgusts us to no end.

Free Evenings + Weekends

Another by Buelahman. I’m sure this is the only rock song about FISA and Telecom Immunity.

Now That We Know That They Knew

Video by Buelahman. Our song about the confirmation that top administration officials gave torture the green light.

Kiss the Ring
Not the most exciting clip we’ve ever done, we know. The song is about McCain’s capitulation to religious zealots he once called “agents of intolerance”.

Vicki Where Are You?
How on earth does a media that will stick to a story about a missing blond white woman just let the story of John McCain’s pretty lobbyist lady-friend just disappear? Where is she? Why hasn’t she said anything? We don’t actually think she’s buried in the desert or tied to a chair in the basement but hey, it’s rock and roll.

A Charge You Can Keep
A rapid response song written, recorded and posted right after the 2008 State of the Union speech.


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  1. I will watch the rest of your vids next time I’m at the library, they have DSL – moi’s still @ 56k.

    “Teflon John” is most amusing.

    Stay on groovin’ safari,

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