Welcome to the new page. I sort of hate it.

So I’m using one of the free WordPress pages. I miss Google already. Should I go back? The things I like about it is that it mouseovers an MP3 player on the songs page and that I can tab between pages. I hate everything else about it. What do you think?

6 Responses

  1. I was checking to see if the domains redirected – and pow. The tabs are nice, as is the rollover, and you didn’t mention this but I like the fact the intro is more condensed here (though hard to read?) so your posts are pushed below the fold. But this has some serious design issues dude. Like eye-bleed-inducing design issues. Is it wordpress or the template you’re using? If it has to be a decision between tabs/rollovers/content place v. legibility — I think you have to go with legibility.

  2. Sorry — aren’t pushed below the fold on this page. Not are.

  3. It’s the template. It’s awful.

  4. Do you still hate it?

  5. No! New template us great, though it was hard to get it to work. I am now in the WP club =)

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