Not Just Hope and Change, But Justice Too

We’re crossing our fingers that Obama’s effort to bring the country together won’t stop him from bringing to justice those who have broken a host of laws in tearing it apart.

That’s the theme of our song this week – enjoy!

(put the mouse over the title, a player will appear)
Someday I’ll Exact Revenge

They’re closing shop and taping up the boxes
The rest of us are counting down the days
But not without the clanging of the handcuffs
Will this feeling ever really go away
And I’ll thank my lucky stars
When the shackles hit the tar
And maybe then we’ll laugh and drink like friends
But when the legacy of lies
Bounces off the satellites,
I won’t cry, ’cause someday I’ll exact revenge

I’m still holding out for vindication
‘Cause I remember things like they were before
Something that was worth our being proud of
Turned into something worth apologizing for
On whatever grounds of guilt
That your library is built
You can stare up at a statue and pretend
But I’m only just one guy
And it makes me sad inside, but I won’t cry
‘Cause someday I’ll exact revenge

And history might judge as good as any
And a consensus maybe one day will come clear
Victory won’t be enough to get me
Without a punishment sufficiently severe
They’re selling artificial stones
From a wrinkles older clone
Expecting us to buy them off again
And if they slip that swindle by
It’ll make me sad inside, but I won’t cry
‘Cause someday I’ll exact revenge
No I won’t cry, ’cause someday I’ll exact revenge


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